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Welcome to Trefoil LLC, your premier architect, 2D & 3D DeSign product, space and media experts and reliable provider of solutions in Brooklyn, NY and neighboring states . We provide a variety of services, including visual communication designs, 2D & 3D Design and Development services, paper ‘alchemy,’ engineering and adaptive home design-build projects, and holistic community development. We have the skills and expertise to be full-service professionals offering design excellence and true customer care. We invent, develop and license 3D forms, designs for visual communication projects and other product needs all from our rich aesthetic archive we call our ‘Periodic Qualitative Matrix’.

Our motto is, "Making the abstract real."  

With over 30 years of experience, Trefoil LLC offers respect, trust, dedication and integrity with a firm commitment to exceeding all expectations of our customers. We strive to deliver complete customer satisfaction for all services, products or projects providing quality excellence, to create highly appreciated value and great customer care. 

If you are interested in any of our services, product or media development offerings or if you would like to learn more about what we can do to transform your business, please contact us at Trefoil LLC.


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• Over 30 Years of Experience in Research, Design, Project Implementation and Delivery

• We Are Dedicated to Design Excellence, Quality Products, and Professional Services

• We Perform at the Highest and Best Industry Standards for Your Complete Personal and Project Satisfaction

• We Honor, Respect and Trust All of Our Working Relationships

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Architect & Inventor


Nearly every industry has utilized 3D technologies due to their quick turnaround time and ability to produce stunning parts and prototypes that stay within your budget. Typical applications for additive…

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Generic Manufacturing


Manufacturing is changing, with the industrial internet becoming more prevalent and relevant to manufacturers than ever before. To better meet demands, distribution and production insights have become key to driving…

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3D Design


Trefoil LLC is your premier service fro inventing 3D Forms for industrial and manufacturing design applications. The Chladni vibrational model of sound transformed into vibrational patterns that inspired the invention…

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